Grande casa di importazione Caffè Salimbene

This business was founded in 1933 by Gennaro Salimbene essentially as green coffee import, that in those years was rather exclusive.

At the end of the 40s the company reaches a considerable size due to Gennaro Salimbene’s extraordinary skill and creativity and despite certain limitations of the fascist autarchy and the break due to the Great War. To this period belongs the “Grande Casa d'importazione Caffè Gennaro Salimbene” (Great Coffee Import House of Gennaro Salimbene) and the start of the roasting activity.

Day after day in the company tens of samples of lots of coffee, offered for purchase from any corner of the world, are analysed; the blends are continuously refined on the basis of this constantly evolving experience.

The method of preparation for the tasting is with the Neapolitan coffee maker, which Gennaro Salimbene personally prepares every time, and that a panel of variable tasters, consisting of members of the Company, agents, representatives and customers tastes and comments according to their own science and knowledge...

At Salimbene you can find the best green coffees and the most profound knowledge of the characteristics of each of them.

Thus are born the structures of the blends which are still passed down and are evolving from three generations.

Guardian of this tradition and of its continuing evolution is now Carlo Grenci, grandson of the Founder.

In 2001 he founded ESPRESSO.IT srl that in 2003 took over the family’s production facilities ensuring the continuity of production and the quality of Salimbene brand.

The packaging was totally redesigned looking at their environmental SUSTAINABILITY.

Caffè Salimbene is distributed by s.r.l.
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