I prodotti Caffè Salimbene

Salimbene lines

Specialists from three generations in the selection and blending of coffee coming from all over the world, we are able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

1-caffe_100_arabica.jpgCaffetteria 100% Arabica

Caffetteria 100% is the line for coffee purists, obtained by five selected components of Arabica species coffee from Central and South America and East Africa.
Its intense toasted aroma is accompanied by a combination of slightly fruity flavours in which you can perceive notes of myrtle.

2-caffe_80_arabica.jpgSuperbar 80% Arabica

The Superbar blend, composed by 80% Arabica coffee similar to those of the Caffetteria blend, but with the addition of 20% of premium washed coffee of Robusta species that gives a full and "chocolatey" body to the espresso to suit the preferences of lovers of the best Italian Espresso tradition in the Neapolitan style.

A cup of full-bodied, sweet coffee with a complex and persistent taste.

3-caffe_50_arabica.jpgDeliziosa 50% Arabica

Perfect 50%harmony of sweet and aromatic coffee of Arabica species and excellent natural and washed coffee of Robusta species.
A sweet, creamy, full-bodied and easy to work coffee blend.



Bar Line

Salimbene’s bar line is devoted to search for the best interpretations of Italian espresso.
It’s on sale in recyclable and reusable 1000 gr metal tins packaged in nitrogen-based modified atmosphere for maximum preservation.



Restaurants and Offices Line

The same fine blends of Bar Line are also used for Restaurants and offices.
This line of products includes Salimbene’s comfortable single-serve pods and capsules packaged one by one in nitrogen-based modified atmosphere, with relative machines with 1, 2 or 3 groups.

Pods or capsules are the ideal choice both in terms of energy saving and in consideration of the frequent lack, in our restaurants, of specialized cafeteria staff.
Our single-serving pods and capsules, together with the equipment recommended by us, allow us to better control the quality of our product up to its final destination: the cup.
Where the consumption of coffee reaches high peaks in concentrated times and a substantial stagnation during the rest of the day ..... this is the right choice.
The energy savings can reach 80% compared to a traditional professional espresso machine, and maintenance and cleaning are much more simple.
For super automatic machine owners, we would certainly recommend our coffee beans packs in elegant 500 g and 250g tins.


Home Line

Caffè Salimbene can also be enjoyed at home by buying it ground in the250g tins, in three blends declined in two variants: MOKA (type Bialetti) or ESPRESSO.

Even in pods or capsules, in combination with the machines offered by us or with any other E.S.E. or ESPRESSO POINT compatible machine, Salimbene is the ideal choice.

Who loves Salimbene does not leave it anymore!